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Gaibledon: insanity and genius

Gaibledon: insanity and genius

Some time ago a tech guru praised madness applied to business strategies with a slogan so epic it became a mantra. A mad idea, when brilliant, can generate much more “worth” of any organised structure founded on a mediocre point of departure.

And what’s more insane (and brilliant…) than a group of teens barely able to vote that in 2012 in a lost small town located in “Basso Polesine” in the middle of nowhere without any infrastructure apart from a football pitch in tatters, decided their goal for the near future: hosting an international tennis tournament on natural turf. Like a certain Wimbledon, so to speak…

The insanity is clear, even non-tennis connosseurs are aware of the elite, upper-crust charm of the most widely known tennis tournament in the whole wide world: exclusive clubhouse, noble members and associates often billionaire, one-of-a-kind location in the outskirts of London, a concentrate of aristocracy, shining its flashy lights from each of its sides.

So what do Gaiba, the Polesine and a local bunch have in common with it?

The answer is: nothing. If the two ever came into contact they would cancel each other out, just like, in physics, the phenomenon of annihilation occurring between matter and anti-matter.

Here comes the ingenious part: what’s the dream of any non-UK based tennis fan? Our guess is playing at least once in a lifetime on a natural grass court.

How many tennis clubs with 100% natural grass courts are there in Italy? Only one and it’s based in Gaiba, in the province of Rovigo.

The locals with hard work, determination and alien-like clarity, transformed a mad dream into a tangible reality, accessible to the public. With no funding they turned  an old football pitch in the first tennis club with natural grass courts on the peninsula, rapidly becoming a staple for italian tennis players, who now, finally, have their very own Wimbledon.


Now what? Now it’s the big time, have we got enough of four courts? Not a bother. We need at last six so it’s time for yet another big project to add two more in the near future.

Tournaments? Went there, did that already. Loads of them, some at a very good level. But these crazies want the true dream accomplished, they want Gaibledon, an international tournament hosting pros from all over the world complete with prize money in american dollars. Enter this insane 2021, where the mix of insanity and genius finally bore fruit: from the 6th to the 13th of June 60 ATP ranked pros will go toe to toe on a wonderful natural turf for the very first time in Italy in a small town in Polesine.

What else?