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Do you have to have Membership to book our courts?

In order to use our grass courts you must be occasional or regular Members. The membership fee varies depending on the chosen enrollment and the registration is valid for the year the fee is paid, including those who register during the course of the year.

How to acquire a Membership?

Link pagina “Come diventare soci”.

What are the benefits of a regular member compared to an  occasional member?

Regular members, compared to occasional members, have the advantage to book grass courts to a more favourable price. Moreover, they have the right to have additional benefits, for example discounts on “Gaibledon” sportswear and on coffee bar services.

What is the hourly fee per grass court?

The fee, for occasional members, is €40 per hour for an individual court. Regular members will benefit of a 25% discount. The fee is the same for singles and doubles.

For parties is it possible to book more courts?

For a group of amateurs or of pros, it is possible to book one or more grass courts for a day or for more days. For specific needs contact us at the phone number or at the email address

At what time and in which days is it possible to book grass courts?

Grass courts are available from 11.00 a.m. (maintenance services and dew prevent earlier fruition)  to 8.00 p.m. (and not further due to dampness which compromises the playability of the turf). The available days are those marked in the calendar.

Which shoes can be used to play on natural grass?

All Court shoes, it’s not necessary to have specific shoes for natural grass. Absolutely banned are spiked shoes, futsal shoes and football shoes since they would ruin the surface in a pronounced manner.